Thanks to everyone who emailed me in response to “Who is Susan Conyers?”. This was meant to be a small, experimental project that has seemed to spread like wildfire among a few groups. Answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • I’m not a designer.
  • I’m not a programmer.
  • Creating a slidecast such as mine requires neither design or programming skills.

I decided to use the slidecast as somewhat of a “pull” strategy to drive traffic to this site. You could also just create a more robust slidecast and not link to a site. As far as distribution and maximizing the effect of your slidecast, I emailed the link to my slidecast to a few people and the views exponetially increased from there. It also helped that the editorial team featured my slidecast for a few hours. (Thanks again!) Another benefit of linking your slidecast to your site is that it’s more easily quantifiable. Using any analytics or tracking on your site, you should be able to see where your traffic is coming from and what pages they’re visiting and how they’re exiting. I created this blog to complement my slidecast, and so all of the traffic it receives right now is from the slidecast, although this blog is quickly gaining search engine attention and traffic. There have also been a few people that have emailed me about how to get started creating their resume 2.0 and how to best distribute it. I’ll work on a resume 2.0 slidecast for you and post here within the next week. Stay tuned…