Ok, let’s be honest. We’re all a little geeky in one way or another, but even the tech-savviest turn somewhere for friendly tech advice that’s real and easily implementable (is that even a word?).  Noobie is the guy you turn to when you can’t figure out how to program your Harmony remote or get the inputs on your plasma right. You’ll even feel welcome around Noobie even if you don’t carry an iPhone. 

Some of my favorite posts include:

Free, virtual assistant, Sandy

That little padlock icon in your Internet browser actually means something (online security)

(What?? Who noo? sorry I couldn’t stop myself)

– Jott

Smart Doorbells (could this revive the b52s? “bang, bang, bang on the door baby”)

If you’re in the Indy metro, Noobie also does tech consulting, coaching and classes.

You can find Noobie on Twitter, @mrnoobie. He’s even friendly enough to throw me some advice on high volume printers and different brands. Oh yeah, I almost forgot the best part, it’s in straight-talk English, no techie mumbo-jumbo here…plus you can win a Wii just in time for Christmas without the day after Thanksgiving early morning madness.