StaplerGen Y workers get quite the stigma around most workplaces. Whether we’re flexing our time to accomodate our philanthropic committments or trying to convince our managers to allow telecommuniting to save on commuting expenses, we’re all – along with our employers and coworkers, trying to figure out this newfangled intergenerational office dynamic. 

5 points to this dynamic:

  1. Our career choices are based on opportunity and the value of meaningful work.
  2. We’re serious about personal development and we’re not afraid to ask for help or feedback. Or a mentor. If we don’t find what we’re looking for, we ask Google.
  3. We don’t value the 80 hour workweek, unless it has a direct relationship with #1.
  4. We don’t subscribe to the idea of corporate hierachy and “the appropriate channels”. Again, we’re not afraid to ask.
  5. Work-life infusion: iPhones and Blackberries in tow, work-life balance is vital. It’s no longer a “balance, it’s an infusion”.This balance is a classic give and take relationship: natural for us to multitask at work, compiling TPS reports alongisde our Google Readers or Facebook.

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