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Still Undecided…

The closer we get to the presidential election, the more unsure I am about the candidates campaigning for my vote. Each day, news or propaganda surfaces that makes the decision even more difficult. I came across a post on Mashable with a collection of links, both official and unofficial, to help navigate the muddy waters. Included in Mashable’s post are links to both parties social media efforts including MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube pages.

What Mashable didn’t include were Twitter accounts. You can follow Obama @barackobama and even Hillary Clinton @hillaryclinton. Obama automatically follows you back, while HRC doesn’t. Interesting, considering the “elitist” finger-pointing that was going on not too long ago. Obama is one of the most followed people on Twitter, while HRC is followed by about 5,000 but follows no one. Discuss.

Mashable – Educate Yourself Post, 25 Sites about McCain and Obama

One thing I am decided on, as tonight’s debate starts, I’ll be following @debatedrink for rules on tonight’s debate drinking games.

  1. Register your name as your domain. This should be a no-brainer, but I’m surprised how many marketing professionals don’t “own” their name. This is especially important for social media and new media marketers. I use Go Daddy for my domain management and point my name to my blog hosted at WordPress.com.
  2. Consider using social cards for your personal branding efforts. I use these mini cards from Moo to include items that are not on my corporate business card such as personal email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, web site. Bonus points for design consistency.
  3. Make yourself valuable. Everyone has something to offer, but develop your expertise in a subject, make your content wallable – that is, worth the effort to read, watch, or listen.
  4. Listen. Google yourself. If you don’t like what you see, you’ve got work to do. Read up on SEO.
  5. Start small. Read other small blogs, comment and link to them. They’ll appreciate your effort.

Thanks Chris Brogan!