I’m relatively new to Twitter, Who you follow depends on how you use Twitter and what you expect to gain by using it. There are, however several that are worth following regardless of your industry. These tweeple just get it. They know how to harness the power of Twitter and social media and guide conversations.





Otherwise, who you follow is dependent on your interests. Once you start tweeting, you will inevitably gain followers, some that are interested in topics you write about, some spammers. My ‘filter’ is a quick look through the ratio of followers versus following, if someone is following 2,000 people, but only has 53 followers, that person doesn’t have time for me. Also, if the page of updates are a little too spammy for me, I won’t follow. A few good resources:


2008 Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to Follow

Twitter Search

One of my personal favorites, @fakesarahpalin. Of course, you can always start by following me, @susanconyers. What are your favorite resources? Who is on your “must follow” list?